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  • Portable height adjusting basketball system with 44 inch backboard.
  • 18-inch black steel rim with .5-inch steel braces.
  • Telescoping design adjust from 7.5 to 10 feet in 6-inch increments.
  • UV-protected high-density polyethylene construction to resist chipping and cracking.
  • 27-gallon base fills with water of sand and rolls to your desired location.
  • 5-year warranty.
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The featured sporting goods products here is from the Wilson a2000 baseball glove series. These gloves come from Wilson's Pro-Stock leather for rugged durability and feel, Dual welting is a pre-curved finger design for a more stable pocket and dri-lex transfers moister from the skin keeping cool and dry. Which were developed by major league players such as Greg Maddux, Ivan Rodriguez, and Evan Longoria.

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The featured sporting goods equipment here is a Bushnell tour v2 golf laser rangfinder. This measures the distance from you and almost anywhere on the golf course. you are able to range up to 300 yards plus or minus 1 yard to the flag without the use of reflectors. Bushnell's pinseeker mode captures the distance to the flag but not the distance to other objects in the background. It also has a 5x magnification, rubber armoring for a great grip, premium carrying case, and a constant LCD display.

The featured sporting goods products here is a Spalding TF-1000 ZK full size basketball. As seen in the video Spalding makes the official basketball of the NBA. This Spalding ball is not the same model that the NBA uses but is the #1 choice for high school and college play! It is made of Spalding's exclusive ZK microfiber composite leather for the best possible feel and performance. more features include an advanced full-ball pebbling pattern as well as a  foam backed design for the best lasting grip possible. Finally this ball's deep channel construction is a must have for all basketball players.

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The featured athletic apparel here is an X-Bionic men's Energizer long sleeve shirt. Made for warm or cold athletic uses. The cooling effect is only activate once you begin to sweat. Developed by scientist and tested by endurance athletes. If there is no sweat present then the shirt uses air heated by your body as excelent thermal insulation. Smart compression stabilizes and supports the muscles and joints as well as enhancing blood circulation that brings oxygen to the muscles.